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Strategic Planning

The Arts & Humanities Council is in the initial stages of developing a new strategic plan.  

In preparation for the development of a new strategic plan, AHCMC has conducted six meetings with representatives from all grant  categories through two working groups; one tasked with reflecting on the past several years and another tasked with looking towards the future.  In December, we conducted a joint meeting with representatives from both working groups to discuss the prevalent concerns, ideas, and goals that are recommended for inclusion in new strategic plan.

On April 2nd, we presented these findings to the field  and solicited further comment, all of which are intended for discussion and consideration by the Arts and Humanities Council's Board of Directors as it considers and finalizes a new Strategic Plan.  This guiding document is expected to be implemented by the 40th anniversary of the Arts and Humanities Council in 2016. 
Summary of Recommendations
Keynote Address

A report on the full recommendations of the two working groups can be viewed in the presentation below:


Strategic Thinking for Strategic Planning 


We need your involvement, support, and feedback as we move forward in the strategic planning process.  To comment on these recommendations presented in Strategic Thinking for Strategic Planning, please contact us




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