Clowns, pratfalls and a musical saw!

Round House Theatre’s Over The Line Festival has something for everyone, including families! Happenstance Theatre is back with two productions: Pinot & Augustine and on the nOse.
The first is a family-friendly, 45-minute crowd pleaser inspired by the golden age of Circus. Pinot is the talented, authoritarian clown in fancy clothes; Augustine is the less skilled, red-nosed bumbler who just wants to have fun. Watch the two clash and collaborate in this show filled with physical comedy and musical surprises!
One of the musical surprises is when Pinot (Mark Jaster) plays a saw. Yes: he plays a saw. Watch the video below for a quick preview of the show, including a rendition of “Summertime” on saw!

The second show, on the nOse, is a multimedia show about clown that’s sure to shred your assumptions about clowns into a bucket of confetti! Watch the video below for a preview from Sabrina Mandell.

Pinot & Augustine and on the nOse are presented as part of Round House Theatre’s Over The Line Festival, a three-week festival of music, dance and theatre performances in Silver Spring from July 12-29, 2012. Join in on the fun!’s Behind the Scenes offers you a titillating tidbit about upcoming events in Montgomery County. Visit for information about cultural events!