Snowed in!

You’ve been stuck in the house for days, save for a single death-defying trip to the grocery store to replenish supplies before Snowpocalypse Round Two (and it seemed like the rest of Montgomery County had the same idea). The DVDs have been watched, the coloring books have been exhausted and the kids are going stir-crazy. What are you going to do?

  • Grab a book. Read an old favorite or pull out something snow-appropriate (have your kids read the Little House on the Prairie books?). If you’d like to discover something new, there are tons of free e-book sites: here’s a great list of them.
  • Learn something new. Academic Earth has free video lectures from universities like Harvard, Yale, NYU and MIT, and the lectures range in topic from architecture and literature to international relations and law.
  • Create something. Write a short story about your snowed in experience, pull out your rusty guitar and make up a song or turn on some Motown and start dancing. With the arts and humanities, the possibilities are endless!
  • Brownie bake-off, art auction and the write stuff: Here’s a great article about three snow day activities for kids.
  • Found on Twitter: CityDance Ensemble has videos of some of their performances available on their website — join them in concert.

Have suggestions on how to spend snow days? Comment below, send us a reply on Twitter (@creativemoco) or write them on our wall!
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