Volunteer Blog Salon: Mildred MacVicar

AHCMC is celebrating Community Service Week (October 16-22) by hosting this Volunteer Blog Salon, featuring stories of volunteers at arts and humanities organizations in Montgomery County. For more information about Community Service Week, click here.

In the three years I have been at BlackRock Center for the Arts, the staff and fellow volunteers have been so appreciative and supportive. It makes you smile when you come on duty. Volunteering is definitely a rewarding experience. As a retiree, there are many volunteer opportunities in the community, but BlackRock is truly unique because o the variety of duties that I perform as a volunteer.
My main duty is to be at the information desk on Wednesdays and Thursdays, answering phones and responding to visitors’ questions and perhaps giving a tour of the building. In addition, I get to usher at performances, help at BlackRock functions, and I have even joined one of the many adult activities offered, “Classical Theatre for Adults.”
This past April I was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award at BlackRock’s annual gala. I was indeed surprised and proud to receive the award. Thank you BlackRock Center for the Arts for all you do and for giving me the opportunities I have had the past three years.
– Mildred MacVicar