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Survey Question: How You Participate

How do you participate in the arts and humanities?

Roger Berliner
- County Council - I am a big fan of Strathmoreís programming, especially the BSO concerts. However, I enjoy attending performances at many of Montgomery Countyís arts venues such as Round House Theater as well. In addition, I support the annual galas of many of our countyís arts organizations.

Neda Bolourian - County Council - I have been playing the violin since elementary school and have a profound respect for arts and humanities. I majored in philosophy in my undergraduate studies and was part of the Drama Club as well. I enjoy attending shows at the Strathmore, partaking in painting classes and following local bands. The arts and humanities are a big part of my life.

Beth Daly - County Council - I was a volunteer docent at The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. I participated in nearly a year long training to prepare for that position. There are many artists and artisans located in Montgomery County's Agricultural Reserve, and I personally support their work. As a member of Sugarloaf Citizens Association and the Upcounty Citizens Advisory Board, I work to get the word out about the range of artistry to be found, from oil paintings of the countryside to modern sculpture to felted wearable art crafted from wool from local sheep. As a PTA mom at Monocacy Elementary School, I started an after school drama program, culminating in a play at the end of the school year. And I attend symphonies, plays, and visit art galleries in my free time. 

Marc Elrich - County Council - I attent concerts, shows, pretty regularly. Been known to visit art exhibits.

Nancy Floreen - County Council - I fund it, serve as a member of the Strathmore Board of Directors, and attend many local events.

Evan Glass - County Council - Attend events in Silver Spring and Takoma Park

Dick Jurgena - County Council -


George Leventhal - County Council - Attending museums and live performances. We frequently attend Hollywood movies also.

Vivian Malloy - County Council - I enjoy attending live theatre/plays and concerts along with viewing artistic displays of paintings, ceramics, jewelry and textiles in our local Montgomery County Fine Arts and Humanity facilities. I have been very supportive of entertainment events held at the Strathmore in Rockville, AFI and Fillmore theatres in Silver Spring, the Roundhouse in Bethesda and the Olney Theater in my local neighborhood. Every year I have supported the Annual Montgomery Executiveís Ball and the proceeds support arts in education programs in Montgomery County.

Tom Moore - County Council - With six school-age children, the bulk of our arts activities necessarily center around family activities, though Amy and I gaze longingly at the Strathmore and 9:30 Club listings. We have three guitarists, a violinist, and a keyboard player in-house. One kid sings in the Richard Montgomery Concert Choir; one plays and sings in a band. One has a penchant for playing villains in Adventure Theatre productions. Two work on the crew of Richard Montgomery musicals. Pretty much, Iím either attending someoneís performance, going to a Rockville Mayor and Council meeting, or doing math homework with someone. When Iím at my Rockville Mayor and Council meetings, I am a strong supporter of the arts and humanities. I proposed and led to passage a formula that ties the amount the City spends on public art to rises in the budget ñ a substantial increase over the old system. I worked for months with Rockvilleís Cultural Arts Commission on proposed changes to the Cityís Art in Public Architecture program.

Nancy Navarro - County Council - Attend functions

Hans Riemer - County Council - It is not enough just to simply attend events. That is why I work to build and maintain strong working relationships with with the arts community (including the AHCMC). It is also critical to ensure there is funding for arts in the budget each year because it impacts economy and quality of life in our County.

Ryan Spiegel - County Council - I attend multiple events throughout the year, including cultural celebrations, art shows, and musical and theatrical performances. I often bring my young children. My wife is a professional artist (photographer). I have occasionally volunteered at events as well. As a city councilmember, I have consistently voted to support funding for arts and humanities programs.

Jeffrey Thames - County Council - I am a saxophonist. I play at different events throughout the DMV. I am also a Pastor which makes me a student of religious studies, and a supporter of all religious activities.

Duchy Trachtenberg - County Council - live performances both drama and music; monthly museum visit; water color instruction classes

Tim Willard - County Council - Attending events

Phil Andrews - County Executive - I attend arts and humanities events and award ceremonies.

Douglas Duncan - County Executive - Having long been a supporter of the arts and humanities in Montgomery County, including building Strathmore, AFI Silver, Black Rock Center for the Arts, Imagination Stage and revitalizing Glen Echo, I enjoy going to these venues and more throughout the year and partake in all the wonderful things our county has to offer.

Sidney Katz - County Executive - My wife and I regularly attend events throughout the Montgomery County area supporting both amateur and professional performances.

Ike Leggett - County Executive - I participate in many different cultural activities throughout Montgomery County. These activities are varied in their discipline as well as the country from which they are originate.

Jim Shalleck - County Executive - My wife and I attend theatre, Olney and Washington, DC.




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