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What if Montgomery County’s cultural nonprofits harnessed the power of social media and expanded their donor base using micro donation technology?


That'd be awesome. That'd be

On June 12, 2013, AHCMC launched, a new crowdfunding platform for arts and culture nonprofits that will leverage the meteoric rise of micro donations and pump new money into cultural institutions.

The matching sponsor is an integral player in the success of this initiative. Matching sponsors prime the pump, contributing matching fund that incentivize individual donors to give and to give now! Matching funds can be allocated to specific nonprofits, or specific types of projects—such as education, health and well being, heritage and more. As a matching sponsor, businesses can expand their philanthropic presence throughout Montgomery County.

How Sponsorships work

Sponsorships function as matching grants for creative projects on the Montgomery Count website. For every dollar raised on, money from the associated matching sponsor is then matched to increase the impact of that donation.

Sponsors' logos are featured on the homepage, attached to each individual project they are funding, posted on, and presented on all posting organizations' websites who receive matching funds. With one gift, an organization can easily be associated with five different projects/organizations, the arts and humanities community as a whole, and a philanthropic movement that is technology-based online micro-funding. sponsorships present an easy way for like-minded organizations to expand their philanthropic footprint, associate themselves with one another, and imipact multiple organizations, projects and communities through one gift.


Sponsorship Levels and Complete Benefits - Click Here


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Current Sponsors:


Platinum Sponsors $10,000 plus

Gold Sponsor $5,000 plus






Bronze Sponsor $1,000 plus 


Arts & Humanities Collective Impact Matching Fund Sponsors - donors up to $1,000

 -  Eric and Sue-Ann Siegel Family Foundation


Project Examples








What is the history of (p2g) is a crowdfunding platform designed and created by the Arts & Science Council of Charlotte, NC (ASC). p2g expands support for local arts and humanities projects by empowering individuals and corporations to support the specific projects and initiatives they feel most passionate about.  Since its launch in August 2011, the site has expanded into 14 communities nation-wide. As of June 2013, the site has raised over $3M in support, posted over 1,300 projects and received more than 13,000 donations. The median gift about $48 and a key encouraging statistic is that nearly 50% of donors to are first-time givers to the posting organization. That means that for every donation a posting organization receives from a constituent, another new donor makes a contribution as well.

Web address:

Why is better than Kickstarter?

Well, there are actually 3 reasons!  

1. All donations are 100% tax deductable

2. Organizations are able to receive partial funding for projects
        (with p2g, it’s not “all or nothing.”) 

3. power2give integrates corporate and foundation matching sponsors, allowing the
        gifts of individuals to have greater impact on the projects they are passionate about. 


"…in 2012 micro donations outpaced their macro counterparts. According to PayPal data, the average donation size globally decreased by $0.71 last year, while the number of global donations to nonprofits increased by 20 percent — a change illustrative of the fact that even as macroeconomic factors continue to place downward pressure on the ability of people to give, the importance of being able to process micro donations is growing. These advancements have resulted in innovative new ways to engage people at scale and opened up a whole new world of opportunity for nonprofits to benefit… We’re witnessing how micro donations at scale can add up to a lot of good – and in the coming years, we believe that the tremendous growth of micro (coupled with the rise of mobile) will spur altogether new forms of giving that enable people to support their favorite nonprofit anytime, anywhere through small, but frequent gifts." - 

power2give is this new form of support for the arts and humanities sector.

When will become a reality?

power2give launch in Montgomery County on June 12, 2013 at 7:30 PM. County Executive Ike Leggett and his wife Catherine Leggett made the first public gift on for $200 to Round House Theatre.

Where is

p2g is now in 8 states – Montgomery County being the first in Maryland. States: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Wisconsin and now Maryland.

Who Can post a project?

Existing Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County grantees in small, mid-sized and large organization categories who have registered their charitable organization with the Office of the Secretary of State as per the Maryland Solicitations Act and have 501(c)3 status were invited to participate in the first cohort.

What happens if a project is partially funded?

If a project is only partially funded upon its completion, the organization receives no penalty. All donations are processed and the posting organization is prompted to inform donors on how the project might change as a result of receiving less funding than requested.

What are the administrative fees?

The administrative fees cover the following:
3.75% web hosting and platform development and maintanence fee paid to Arts & Science
      Council of Charlotte/Mecklenburg, Inc. 
3% credit card servicing fees paid to
5.25% administrative fee paid to AHCMC for marketing, maintanence, and operation of
      the Montgomery County site.

Press Releases

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6/14/13 - Washington Business Journal 

Trends in Online Giving and Crowd-funding

Nonprofit Marketing Guide - Online Giving Trends
Nonprofit Engage - How Much Money is Raised online? - Crowdfunding raised $2.7 Billion in 2012 and increased 81% since 2011 - Crowdfunding Industry Trends Report - The Rise of Mobile Giving and Other Fundraising trends for 2013

power2give Success in Other Communities

Indianapolis Raises $70,000 for the Arts in First 90 Days Matches Arts & Cultural Funding from Local Donors 
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